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30cm Rotatech-Kettensägekette für EFCO PT2500 Semi-Meißel

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A0044-EFCO PT2500

Rotatech® Chain for EFCO PT2500 Chainsaw when fitted with a 12" Guide Bar.

Low cost high quality replacement chain 

Wears consistently and retains its integrity 

Will stand up to the quality our Arborists demand 

Designed to compete with the bigger more expensive brands on the market

Add 10 chains or more for an extra 10% off + Free Delivery

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Rotatech chainsaw chains are engineered with precision and accuracy to deliver consistent, superior cutting results. Each chain is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure it has the reliability and integrity to meet the demanding output of heavy duty arborist work. The outstanding sharpness of our chains is guaranteed to increase efficiency and productivity on the job as well as revenue. Our chains also have incredible durability to ensure they work effectively for the duration of its extended working life. Designed to compete with the bigger more expensive brands on the market, we supply Rotatech chainsaw chains to thousands of professional arborists, tree surgeons and landscapers.
A0044-EFCO PT2500
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